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Avignon Car Rental | Car Hire in Avignon

Avignon Car RentalAvignon, on the banks of the river Rhone in France, was listed as one of the European Cities of Culture and is one of the most important cities in the country. Whether it is opulent palaces and mansions, or the vineyards with some of the best champagne or even the beautiful wilderness, Avignon is a place you must explore and Avignon car rental services are the ideal way to do this.

Also known as the Palace of the Popes, the Palais de Papes is a huge mansion built like a massive fortress in Avignon. A cultural landmark in the city, this palace is built of two parts – the old and the new palaces and is furnished with traditional French and Roman artefacts. The large galleries in the palace contain excellent paintings by 14th century French artists.

Built on a hilltop overlooking Avignon, the Rocher des Doms are majestic gardens with beautiful Mediterranean Pines and other exotic plants. The views from the gardens are extraordinary as you get to see the wonderful Avignon skyline, some palace rooftops and a remarkable view of the Rhone River. This park also has a little pond with swans and cygnets. Discover this and more with Avignon car hire.

Located on the Rue Monte de la Tour, the Tour Phillipe le Bel is a beautiful tower. On clear and balmy days you can climb the tower and enjoy the cool air at the top. Needless to say, you should brace yourself for magnificent views of Avignon and the Rhone Valley below. The Tour Phillipe le Bel is a wonderful site for a day trip outside Avignon in our car hire services and the perfect place to take photographs of the city.

With Jacques Doucet and Bell Epoche collections adorning the galleries, the La Fondation Angladon-Dubrujeaud is a marvellous museum in the heart of Avignon. You also have rooms dedicated to the masterpieces of Picasso, Michelangelo and Dante amongst a number of other classical artists. The splendidly designed gardens on the museum campus are an added attraction.

A towering white-coloured mansion with a luminous Virgin-Mary lantern spreading its light for miles, the Notre Dame Cathedral is a strikingly beautiful church with splendid architecture and a wonderful nave. It was erected in the early 1200s with a Roman flavour to its styling.

Avignon car rental is a must for anyone who wants to really explore this part of France.  Why miss out on some of the most beautiful sights when you could see them all by travelling in style?

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