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Tucuman Car RentalTucuman Airport Guide

Tucuman airport, commonly referred to as Benj Matienzo airport, is located in Argentina. It is an international airport and offers air services in the Tucuman province, in Argentina’s north. The Tucuman airport underwent renovations and can now handle large aircrafts such as the Boeing 757 and the airbus 310. The airport has facilities that can serve at least 350,000 passengers annually.

Tucuman airport profile

Tucuman airport was constructed in the 80s and was renovated in the year 2005 to facilitate a new terminal building among other infrastructural improvements. Tucuman airport is made up of one terminal building. The airport has a parking apron means for aircrafts next to the terminal building.  

What can I expect upon landing at the airport?

Once you land at the Tucuman airport, you should not expect to go through passport checks since there are no international arrivals. You will move straight to the luggage reclaiming area. You will receive your luggage a short while later. This may take some time before you are cleared, after which you are free to leave the airport.

How do I leave the Tucuman airport?

There are various modes of transportation you can select from. They include: taxi services, shuttle services, bus services, train service and car hire services. The most ideal way to head to your destination in comfort and ease is by car rental. There is several car hire company agents located at the Tucuman airport. You can simply consult with one the companies for a car rental deal.

The car rental companies at the Tucuman airport offer a large fleet of cars to select from. You can choose between manual transmission cars or automatic cars. To be able to rent a car from one of the car hire agencies at the Tucuman airport, you require having your local driver’s license and an international driver’s license. Once you have your car rental, you can explore the beautiful places Argentina has in store at your own leisure. Remember to always keep right while driving in Argentina. You could also find c heap car hire services if you are on a tight budget.

Facts about the Tucuman airport
  • Tucuman airport is located just five minutes away from the San Miguel de Tucuman city.
  • Tucuman airport became operational in 1981 and replaces a much smaller city airport.
  • Most of the flights landing at the Tucuman airport are from Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires.
  • Tucuman airport was named to commemorate an argentine general, Benjamin Matienzo.

 What facilities are at the Tucuman airport?

While the Tucuman airport serves a very crucial region in Argentina, it is quite small and there fore has very minimal facilities. There is no help desk at Tucuman airport, but the airport’s staff is always willing to help you in any way. You will not find a bank at Tucuman airport, but there is an ATM machine in case you need money.

You will easily spot the car hire desk in the arrival area. It is recommended to reserve a car prior to landing at Tucuman airport.

What should I expect upon departure?

The departure rules at Tucuman airport are straight forward and checking in takes only a short while. Once you are done with checking in, you can spend your time before flight schedule at the airports newspaper kiosk and the café and snack shop at the airport.

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