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Puerto Iguazu Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Puerto Iguazu Airport

Puerto Iguazu Airport Car RentalPuerto Iguaza Airport Guide

If you are destined for Argentina, you will probably land in Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport that is a hub for various flights. It is located in the province of misiones and serves Iguanzu city. It covers an area of 1804 ha. Before you can travel to Argentina here are some facts that you need to have at your fingertips:

  • 82, 227: That is the human population of this town
  • 18: That is the distance in kilometers between the city and the world renowned Iguaza falls;
  • 40: The temperature in degree Celsius that this experiences during the summer. Although frost is rare the area will on occasion experience below zero temperatures;
  • 1542: This is the year that Iguaza was first ‘discovered’ by a foreign explorer, and thus its introduction on the world stage.
Services that are found at the airport

Just like any other airport, you are likely to find a couple of facilities here. Some of these include;

  • Information desk for customers
  • Restaurants
  • Duty free  shops
Hotels that serve Puerto Iguaza international airport

The Puerto Iguaza airport is by all accounts a small airport; this does not mean however that its passenger numbers can be ignored. To this end there are a number of hotels that serve the Puerto Iguaza Airport, some of these are listed here: the Sheraton Iguaza Resort and Spa, the Iguaza Grand Hotel and Casino, Hotel Esturion among others. The bookings of these hotels can be done online, and apart from the basic amenities that would be expected from a hotel some of these hotels have conference facilities that are ideal for business delegations.   

Attractions in Iguaza

Since this region is largely a tourist centre, there is an abundance of tourist attraction sites that should be of considerable interest to one who is passing by this area. Some of the attractions that are contained here include the following:

  • The Three Frontiers: This is where the borders of Argentine, Paraguay and Brazil meet;
  • Wanda Mines: This is a place that is teeming with collectors of gemstones. This area is considered to be among the best Argentine mining fields;
  • The Guuiora  Oga centre for bird rehabilitation: This is definitely a locale that is teeming with rare bird species, and is the place to be for anyone who is a lover of birds;
  • The Museum of Images of the jungle: Basically this museum has a diversity of wood cuttings that simulate the environment that is in the jungle.
Transport from the airport

When you need to travel around this city you have a number of options with regard to transport. For starters, you could choose to use the public transport system (a bus shuttle service that connects the airport to the Argentina National Route 12). There are also a number of Taxi services that ply the airport route, but the most convenient Modus Operandi for anyone who wants to shuttle is via leasing a car from any of the car rental services that are available at the airport. There are a number of cheap car hire firms here that will ensure that you have a bargain when in the car hire market. The service charge that is levied by these car hire firms will incorporate a sales tax, a fuel charge, and the purchase of an insurance product. To verify your identity, you need to simply hand over an international driving license or a passport.

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Puerto Iguazu Airport car rental reviewPuerto Iguazu Airport car rental reviewPuerto Iguazu Airport car rental reviewPuerto Iguazu Airport car rental reviewPuerto Iguazu Airport car rental review


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