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Salta Car Rental | Rent a car Salta

Salta Car RentalSalta car rental and travel guide

Argentineans prefer calling this place ‘Salta da Linda’ or Salta – the Beautiful; indeed, Salta, a tiny picturesque town in Argentina is one of the best holiday destinations thanks to the abundant natural glory it is blessed with. However, if you feel Salta is all about natural charm, think again. Make the most of car rental services to explore the other areas in and around the town. Most visitors arrive at Salta Airport.

Things to see in Salta

The Museum of High Mountain Archaeology in Salta contains unique exhibits such as the remains of three children born into Royal Houses. There are also several Incan sacrificial items recovered from the high mountains surrounding Salta and are featured on display panels in the museum. The museum also has trading routes preservations and other mummies as well as the Queen of the Mountain sculpture in its midst.  This is definitely the right place to find out more about the history of the region.

Perhaps one of the very few cathedrals to feature a non-white coloured wall, the Salta Cathedral and its coloured mosaics are a well-known feature in the town. This church has memorials dedicated to various freedom fighters of Argentina and a lovely altar. For other religious places of importance in Salta, you may depend on our fabulous car hire services to get you there in safety, style and comfort.

Explore Salta by car

The cable car service starts at Cerro San Bernardo in Salta and at an altitude of more than 800 feet above the ground takes you to the hills and the valleys across the countryside at Salta and gets you back in a ten-minute round trip. While this is not exactly downtown Salta, enjoy the marvellous journey up the hills without getting out – literally!

The Salta Municipality and the Museum of Hispanic History is housed at the Cabildo monument and is a structure of national significance. While there are many arcades and shopping plazas outside the Cabildo, the inside takes just an hour to tour and you’ll be left to enjoy the pace and frenzy of the town square here. Salta car hire is a must if you want to pack as much as possible into your day.

First constructed as a Chapel in the 17th century, then converted into a public service hospital and now a convent, you can find the Catholic nuns practicing the ‘language of silence’ in this spectacular Convent. Public entries are only for a stipulated period after which you are not allowed to tour the place.

This is a holiday destination with a difference and those who are interested in the culture of the area will find that Salta car rental is perfect for getting around.

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