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Neuquen Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Neuquen Airport

Neuquen Airport Car RentalNeuquén Airport Visitor’s Guide

This airport is located in Neuquén province in Argentina. The airport has numerous services and facilities such as migrations office, customs office, police and security services. You can also expect to find banks, car hire agencies, restaurants among others.

Accommodation available at the airport

You can find plenty of accommodation near the airport since there aren’t hotels within the airport. The following are some of the hotels that you can find around the airport:

  • Hostal Del Caminante
  • Casino Magic Hotel
  • Royal hotel
  • Hotel Del Comahue

The best part is that they are located within a five mile radius from the airport. This is very convenient for the passengers.

Transportation you can find at the airport

There are plenty of transportation arrangements that you can find at the airport when you arrive. You can get a taxi or a shuttle service to your destination.

However, the most convenient form of transport that most people prefer to go for is car hire. There are plenty of car hire agencies located at the airport’s car hire counters.

These agencies offer car hire at affordable rates therefore, you can be guaranteed to find an agency that will meet your financial needs. There are cheap car hire services if you are conscious on your budget.

What to expect when you check in

When you check in at the Neuquén Airport, there are plenty of things that you can expect to find there.

To begin with, there are many different people from all walks of life who may be waiting for a connecting flight or boarding a flight to a certain destination. The airport receives flights from various parts of the globe and you can meet new people.

Another thing that you should expect at the airport is the security checks. This is done in order to ensure that the passengers are safe. If you are leaving through the airport, it would be wise to arrive earlier so that you can not miss your flight and also to give the checks ample time.

What to do as you wait for your flight

There are plenty of things that you can do at the airport in order to pass time as you wait for your flight or as you wait to connect your flights.

Here, you will find so many services and facilities you could use to keep you occupied. You could decide to use the shower facilities to freshen up. Better yet, you could check in, in one of the restaurants to get a cold drink and even have a quick bite. If you drink, get in to one of the airport bars and grab a beer.

You could as well opt to go do some shopping at the duty free shop and shop for things that you would normally not find back home at discounted prices. Here, you are going to find so much and at affordable prices.

What to do when you visit Neuquén

The following are some of the places that you can visit when you are in Neuquén:

  • If you enjoy nature and all its wonders, you can visit Alumine. It is a beautiful landscape area with different tree species.
  • Steppe of dinosaurs in Villa El Chocon
  • Lanin National Park

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