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Mar Del Plata Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Mar Del Plata Airport

Mar Del Plata Airport

Mar Del Plata is an exquisite airport that services the Mar Del Plata city, situated almost 400 miles from Buenos Aires in Argentina. With more than 100 flights taking off from the airport every day, you can be sure to find a flight to every local and international destination in the world. The plush environs of the airport are indeed, inviting, but we advise venturing into the Mar Del Plata suburbs in the vicinity if you have the time to do so, from your flights.

The most celebrated sightseeing spot at Mar Del Plata, other than the beaches and coastal recreation spots, the Grand Aquarium is more of an animation movie, than a real-world aquarium, though you do find replicas of sea dwelling animals and fishes in ample measure. There is a tidal pool on display that is kept for you to see and relish. The sound and light shows at the aquarium are a pleasurable watch.

The prime attraction at the Museum of Mar Del Plata is the wide variety of more than 30,000 sea shells kept there for visitors to watch and take pleasure in. There is an auditorium with a sound and light arrangement kept for you to learn more about the life and culture in Argentina. Overall, the eateries, the lounges, the bars and cafeterias add to the exotic appeal of the venue.

El Puerto is where all the action in Mar Del Plata is, situated about 7 miles away from the city centre. The arena is primarily commercial with restaurants, bars, promenades, sea fronts and clubs dotting the area. Prime attractions at the El Puerto include the Complejo Commercial, which is a huge array of shopping complexes and stores across the walking area; and the Barranca de Lobos, the breeding grounds and habitat of hundreds of sea lions.

Mar Del Plaza has many palatial mansions that are built in Victorian architectural style and have plush interior decoration. These were once the abode of the nobility and the elite in the city, but now are maintained as Heritage Centres by the State. You can embark on guided tours to these places and have first-hand experience on the personal belongings, recreation pursuits and lawns that embellish their residences.

If you have the stamina, the trek from Mar Del Plata to Waikiki is a wonderful activity and gives you the opportunity to view a number of scenic views on the way. Not to be confused with Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, the Argentine version is much more laid back and is the perfect place to spend some alone time with family and friends on the isolated beach stretch. For surfers, the Waikiki Beach is a wonderful site.

Mar Del Plata is a delightful place with beaches, snazzy nightlife and many cultural places of interest. Thus, it is known as the ‘Miami of Argentina’ for a very good reason.

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