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Vietnam Travel and Car hire Guide

This is a small Asian country in the southeast of Asia. It borders China and Cambodia. It is mostly known for its history of great battles.

Why Vietnam

As mentioned before, the amazing history connected to this place is something you can only experience if you visit Vietnam; not to mention the friendliness of the Vietnamese people who practice Confucianism. This simply means that everyone is of value to their culture.

While your there…

Visit My Son which is the well preserved Hindu ruins that date centuries back. There also curious sites such as Cu Chi Tunnels and Ha Long Bay’s sceneries. You must see beautiful ancient temples such as the temples of the Cao Dai in Tay Ninh and other temples in Hue.

Vietnam is also home to sandy beaches like the Cua Lo beach in Vinh to the north of the country. Another interesting thing to see is the practices of different ethnic groups that you can get access to through the town of Kontum. Also, make sure to observe the shocking modern cultures of the Vietnamese people in the major cities like balancing a something as big as a fridge on a motorcycle! This is one place that you would have to be extra dull to get bored in.

How to get to Vietnam

It is fairly easy to get there by plane as there are international airports in the major cites of Vietnam. You could also go there by a train from China though you would have to connect at the border. Another option is to come by road from China, Cambodia or Laos.

What you will need

Unless you come from selected countries you might not need a visa for a particular amount of time. You may also require a passport size photo and a letter of approval if you are getting your visa on arrival.


Vietnam has some of the cheapest accommodation available, though you will also find international hotels. Most, if not all of these places (even the really cheap ones), are really clean.

Travelling within by public transport or car hire

This is not something you will have a problem with. It ranges from planes- the most expensive; to trains, and motorcycles; if you’re brave. Boats and of course cars are readily available modes of transportation in Vietnam.

Buses do not get to many places except the major areas so you would be better off with a car rental. You should know, when you hire a car, you will require hiring a driver. You’ll soon find that, car hire, even with the driver, is a lot better than the other means. This is because:

One; you will get everywhere that you want to go, and two; the driver knows the areas and the complex road regulations of the country.

There so many places to see in Vietnam- avoid wasting your time waiting for the tour buses. You will find it reassuring to rent a car that can leave at your will. The car hire companies also insure your safety as the drivers are employed by them. It is also possible to get cheap car hire in Vietnam.

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