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Geography 101: Vanuatu

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, the archipelago of Vanuatu has its capital at Port Vila. The official languages of this state are English and French. The Island derives its name from the word Vanua that occurs in several Oceania languages. The first inhabitants of this nation were the Melanesian people. The first foreigners to claim this land were the Spanish explorers of the New World fame in the 17th century. In subsequent years, the land was divided between the British and the French. The two nations later jointly administered this territory until the 20th century.

Vanuatu in figures
  • 1980: the year that this territory obtained independence from France and Britain.
  • 12,190: this is the size of Vanuatu in terms of kilometres square.
  • 224, 564: this is the total population of this territory according to 2011official statistics.
  • 743: this is the figure in Millions of Dollars of the amount in GDP that this state on average generates per annum. Divided by the population, this works out to $ 4, 916 per individual.
  • 678: this is the calling code of this country.
  • 17 45’S 16818 E: the coordinates of the capital city, Port Villa.
Interesting facts about Vanuatu
  • The Island nation has a total of eighty two islands that are volcanic.
  • Several of these volcanoes, including underwater ones, are actually active. In fact, the most recent volcanic eruption occurred in the year 2008.
  • The region is rich in sea life and boasts of over 4,000 species of Molluscs. However despite this abundance in sea life, the region happens to be limited when it comes to flora and fauna; Vanuatu has the disadvantage of lacking large mammals on the island.
  • Vanuatu is a sub tropical climate zone with two main seasons – a warm and hot season that lasts up to nine months, and a wet season with possible cyclones that will last some three months.
Things to do in Vanuatu

When in Vanuatu, there are a number of things that you can do to while away your time:

  • Cultural tourism: There are a number of cultural sites that will make you feel quite at home.  You need a car rental agency to get a car rental to move to all the cultural places Vanuatu has in store.
  • Deep sea diving: Vanuatu is a region known for providing the ideal holiday get away for those who love scuba diving.
Car hire in Vanuatu

To highlight this areas strength as a Tourist destination, it has been used to shoot several global realities TV shows. To achieve all this of course one needs a mode of transport. The best means of transport to use in Vanuatu is a car rental. There are a number of car hire agencies to offer car hire services to tourists in Vanuatu. These car hire agencies offer quite competitive car hire rates, and you can also get cheap car rental.  Whatever car hire arrangements you make, you will most definitely enjoy your stay in Vanuatu.

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