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Port Columbus Airport Car RentalPort Columbus Airport Guide

This is an international airport situated 9.6km east of Columbus downtown in Ohio USA. It is a class c airport run by Columbus regional airport authority and covers 884 hectares with two runways and three terminals. It hosts 151 direct flights through 15 airlines. It serves 6 million passengers annually. It also handles US mail and cargo freight. One can connect with port Columbus via 1-270 and 1-670 interstate roads either by bus, taxi or car rentals. Port Columbus airport is unique because it has put up children’s drawings, sculptures, community artwork and photographic timelines in its main terminal for its visitors. The airport has continuously under gone major renovations to uplift its status over the years especially its arrival and departure terminals.

Facilities and services

Various facilities some owned by various airlines are located within and near the airport such as –Net jet operations headquarters, Sky bus offices and hangar facilities that can be rented out to private jet owners which are adjacent to port Columbus. Several services are on offer within the terminal area like-  shops such as broad and high, capital city travel mart, heritage book sellers and ciao gourmet market shop for food. There are several restaurants, cafes, bars and fast food joints like Starbucks on the main terminal. To ensure that the passengers access information on the internet, wireless internet connections have been installed throughout the terminal.

Port Columbus has taken steps to ensure that all its clients travel safely and conveniently by providing: - an information centre situated strategically near the baggage claim area for any queries or assistance. They also supply detailed maps of the airport and the state of Ohio.

  • Lost and found is on the mezzanine floor above the food court.
  • Wheelchair assistance that can be secured in advance through the website or by asking for help from the airport ambassadors who specialize in assisting passengers within the airport.
  • Made rest rooms for families with young children, elderly people or special needs individuals easily available by situating them near the baggage and ticketing level.
  • Telephones for those with impared hearing have been set up throughout the airport. Paging systems display for the blind has been set up to relay important information.
  • The airport has a six story parking lot with several hundred parking spaces, is safe and available on short term and long term periods. The first two floors have been set aside for car for hire. Once you have parked the car you can return the keys to the car hire desk at the terminal.
Accommodation and transportation

You are not likely to find any hotels at the airport, but you will find a number within the airport’s vicinity. The motels and hotels found around the airport have different rates to suit different budgets. Therefore, you are sure to get a hotel that suits all your requirements and at fair rates. Obviously, you will need some mode of transport to get to the hotels. At the airport, there are various means of transport including car hire, taxis and buses. You can opt to use the mode that fits your needs. However, car rent is by far the most convenient mode of transport. You could also get cheap car hire services if you are operating on a tight budget. With car hire, you have the freedom to move around at your convenience and in style.

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