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Kiev Boryspil Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Kiev Boryspil Airport

Sometimes called the hidden jewel of eastern Europe. There are some good reasons to visit Kiev. Either you go for the food the sight seeing sites or the warm welcome, Kiev offers you more than you can imagine.

A cheap rental car is a good way to discover this city.

Kiev  Boryspil Airport Car RentalOne of the most ancient cities in Europe, with a history dating back 2000 years, Kiev, the capital and the largest suburb in Ukraine, is a must for serious travellers. Annexed, conquered and subdued by more than a dozen dynasties in different eras, Kiev now sports an eclectic mix of monument construction styles and cultures. Exploring this quintessential cosmopolitan city is now made easier with car hire services being able to transport you from one attraction to the other in comfort.

Discovered in the early 1st century, the Cave Monastery of Kiev consists of the Upper Lavra and the Lower Lavra. The Upper Lavra is a state-operated museum and art gallery where you can find religious artefacts and relics. The Lower Lavra, however, belongs to the Church and you can find mummies of the monks who lived there. The underground sound-and-light shows are fascinating. Overall, this place is definitely worth a visit.

A famous World Heritage Site, St. Sophia’s cathedral is the most celebrated Church in Kiev. Its history can be dated to the 11th century when it was fully constructed with pointed windows and spires. It also features some of the most exquisite mosaics of the era, with the best being the mosaic of the Virgin Orans. Visit this site and more with Kiev car hire services.

The Motherland Statue and War Memorial was erected to commemorate the impact that the Nazi invasion had on the Ukraine and also showcases the Afghan military conflicts in many places. Here, you can see various war artefacts and relics such as the weapons, photographs taken during the era, inscriptions and battle plan sheets. This is a place you ought to visit especially if you are interested in gaining an insight into the way wars were fought in the region.

Several military and Soviet Union fighter jets are displayed at the State Aviation Museum. Most of the aircraft exhibits in the State Aviation Museum have prototypes of airplanes, whereas a few of them are real vehicles that have since ceased being used. Visit this site with car hire services and make the most of your time in the city.   

The Hidropark Island, located at the Dnipro River is an attraction in the vicinity of Kiev. With sandy shores, natural flora and fauna in abundance and many fishing vantage points, Hidropark is a unique destination for a day out for every member of the family.  Car rental in Kiev is a great way to reach this and many other areas of interest.

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Kiev has approximately 2,887,974 inhabitants.

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When traveling we advise to carry some Hryvnia to avoid any unwanted surprises. At Kiev Airport there are Money Exchange offices in order to change your local currency.

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The local time code for Kiev is EEST.


When traveling to Kiev make sure to check the local weather conditions in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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Depending on the car rental supplier, there is an option to have your rental car equipped with snow tyres/chains. In some countries it is compulsory during certain (winter) periods.

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