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Nevsehir Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Nevsehir Airport

Nevsehir Airport Car RentalCappadocia Nevşehir Airport Tour Guide

Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport is found in Turkey that was opened in the year 1998, and it lies 30 km from Nevşehir. It is both a domestic and international airport, with its passenger terminal covering 3,500 square meters in area. Its parking lots can accommodate 400 cars.

What do I need before landing at the airport?

You must have a valid passport. A visa is required if you are a citizen of Brazil, U.S.A, Austria, UK, Australia, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Holland and Portugal, among other countries. A national of the countries mentioned above can stay in the country for a period of 3 months after entry. It is advisable that you find out whether you are required to have a visa to be allowed into Turkey.

Can I speak English is Cappadocia?

The Cappadocia Nevşehir Airport is in Turkey, and the official language of Turkey is Turkish. However, tourists are provided with language services at the airport, because most of the service providers speak more than one language. Car rental companies, private car hire companies, taxi drivers, among other service providers can speak English.

What about currency exchange?

You need some Turkish liras before landing at the airport. Car rental companies, taxis among other services are paid for in these. While it is possible to exchange currency at the airport, it can be a bit expensive because rates tend to be higher at the airport. If you can, exchange your currency online. You can also opt to rent a car online instead of paying for it at the airport. It is possible to use UK Sterling pounds, Euros or US dollars, but they are not accepted everywhere. You can get some liras from the ATM too, but there might be long queues at the airport.

How do I travel from the airport?

There is a wide array of transport means that you can use to get from the airport. There are numerous car rental companies at the airport giving cheap car hire services. If you would like to hire a private car with a driver, there are plenty of companies providing the service still. Taxis, hotel courtesy shuttles, Airport shuttles and buses are available in plenty. However, if you would like to tour Nevşehir conclusively and in style, rent a car.

What can I explore in the region as a tourist?

Turkey’s province of Nevşehir is among the main Cappadocia cities and boasts of an attractive blend of natural sceneries and history. The Ancient churches dating from the 8th to the 13th century for instance, are a spectacle to leave any visitor awed. They are of a simple architecture, but are overly fascinating. Goreme and Urgup make two outstanding tourist centers. The cities boast of cave dwellings along with picturesque rock cones.

There is the castle of Uchisar, a beautiful destination where you can also see the Cappadocia valley. There is yet another valley known as Zelve valley, and if you love hiking on rough terrain, this is the perfect destination for you. It would be best to rent a car if you would like to get off the beaten path and discover more of the unexploited attractions in Nevşehir.

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