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Rent a Car and Tour Togo in Style

Togo is a strip of land between Ghana and Benin. It has a tropical climate throughout most part of the year. This country is pretty small and does not have a large population as well.

Why Togo

It may be small but it does not mean that it’s short of attractions. There are the central hills and the magnificent southern plateau that bring you to the very low coastal plains. It is also home to markets with unique items on sale that you can take back home.

What to see and do in Togo

If you’re coming in from the coast, you could work your way up the country as you experience the pure African landscape that Togo has to offer.  Shopping is also something that you could do when you are here. You could visit the market where you can buy so many things such as food supplements to exotic plants among other things. Not forgetting the hand sown cloths and the locally designed shoes and even the voodoo markets that have all sorts of commodities. You can take back so much back home from Togo.      

How you will get there

You can go to the country by bus, but only for the neighboring countries such as Ghana. There are also direct flights to the country and you could also jet into the country. The other way you can also use to get in to the country is by boat.

What you require to enter the country

You will require a passport and a visa to be allowed into the country. It is always advisable to get a visa prior to the trip to avoid inconveniencies when it comes to your travel time.


Most of the accommodation will be found along the coast. Most likely, you will get accommodation without much hustle. The hotels may not be exactly up to international standards, but they are clean and very comfortable. The services are hospitable and the people here are very friendly. The services are reasonably charged and so you can be sure that you will not be over charged.

Travelling around the country by public transport or car hire

Road is the most common mode of transport. It is also convenient if you want to fully explore the country. They have a well functioning public means system that links various destinations in the country. Therefore, you can take a bus to your desired destination. Better yet, you could make us e of taxis and still get to your destination safe and sound. The other option which happens to be the most convenient is car hire.  There car rental agencies to could get in touch with to hire a car to move around the country. Car hire saves   you time as well as money especially if you want to explore most of the sights.  With a hired car, you could go as far as the edge of the plateau where public means of transport can not access. The best part is that you can also find cheap car hire services in the country. Therefore, you need to hire a car and tour Togo in style.

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