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Agadir Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Agadir Airport

Todays Agadir is a modern city but there are still sites worth a visit like the old Kasbah fortress, overlooking the whole town, or the Royal Palace. Its also possible to take some tours through the city. We recommend having a drink and enjoy the scenery of the sun going down in the Atlantic Ocean.

Renting a car here is not expensive and a comfortable way to move around.

Agadir Airport Car RentalAgadir is essentially a resort city in Morocco, with its share of sandy beaches and the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert. The rural side of Agadir is particularly attractive thanks to the many varieties of flora and fauna visible in the national parks and on desert safaris. The beaches are the primary sources of interest; however there are a few monuments and landmarks downtown, which can be easily covered with Agadir car hire services.

It is not uncommon to find travellers running to the beach as soon as they enter Agadir. Indeed, the beaches here are spectacular and offer wonderful water sport facilities such as windsurfing, scuba diving and snorkelling in the ocean. The beaches are not very windy and at points like the Devils Rock, Anchor Rock and Cro-cro areas offer really good windsurfing opportunities. With our splendid car rental services, you can be sure to move around Agadir with ease.

Built as a fortress on a hill by the Saad tribes as a threat against Portugal, the Kasbah unfortunately is a victim of several earthquakes and today lies dilapidated. The medina, an hour away from the Kasbah is also an earthquake victim and is now a premier excavation site. The views from the Kasbah are breath-taking and offer lovely glimpses into the sea and the Agadir architecture.

With our handy car rental services, you can move around Agadir with little or no hassle at all. You can visit areas of interest such as The Museum Municipal du Patrimoine Amazigh which is one of Agadir’s lone landmarks and houses rare Berber dynasty remnants – the music instruments, the seals and traditional jewellery. Masterpieces and seals by eminent designers of the erstwhile era are also prominently displayed. The beautiful arcades coupled with the Arabesque constructions in the area make the Museum a one-time visit spot, Valley of the Birds.

Also called the ‘Valée des Oiseaux’, the Valley of the birds is a charming picturesque zoo with different species of birds on display. This park is especially great for trailing and camping. Bird watchers are known to spend hours researching the various bird species and their migratory patterns here. If you’re lucky, you might get a glimpse of the endemic Moroccan Mouflon and other exotic bird species.

Agadir being a resort, there is no shortage of lavish beach parties and clubbing in the night. There are fine dining options at the beaches too. With our car hire services in hand, you can be sure to have a whale of a good time at Agadir.

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Travel Restrictions Agadir

Please note that if you intend to travel across country or state borders, restrictions may apply. Such cross-border charges may be applied at the rental desk.

Distance Airport to downtown

Agadir Airport is 26 km away from downtown Agadir . It will take +/- 30 minutes to travel from the Airport to downtown.


When traveling we advise to carry some Dirhams MAD to avoid any unwanted surprises.  At many airports there are Money Exchange offices in order to change your local currency.

Time zone

The local time code for Agadir is WET.


When traveling to Agadir make sure to check the local weather conditions in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Agadir has approximately 609,088 inhabitants.

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Agadir Airport car rental reviewAgadir Airport car rental reviewAgadir Airport car rental reviewAgadir Airport car rental review


Handover Issues

The handover was problematic as the agent demanded money for petrol even though the tank was full but not shown correctly on the gauge, and for a wash even though there were no serious issues and there was no washing facility open in the area at the time of drop-off

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Agadir Airport car rental reviewAgadir Airport car rental reviewAgadir Airport car rental reviewAgadir Airport car rental reviewAgadir Airport car rental review


Service Deficiencies

The only thing which was unsatisfying that the company didn't had an office at agadir airport(al-massira), a representative has to come for deliver and collect the car.rni didn't faced any problem, but it may if the representative was late to collect the car what will happen? should the client leave with the car's credentials and key or what options do the company will give in such cases? and that makes it vulnerable to human error, rnother than that it was good. i'm not sure about the other cities if it's the same or not.