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Cheap Car Rental Plaine Magnien Plaisance Airport

Plaine Magnien Plaisance Airport Car RentalLocated in a luxurious area of the Grand Port in Mauritius, Plaine Magnien is a tiny hub of the delightful Mauritius Islands in the Indian Ocean. With a host of places to visit and many fabulous things to do in the islands, Mauritius is every tourist’s dream destination. With our car rental services there to take you around the island and its various towns and cities, we can assure you that your vacation is going to turn out even better than you might have imagined.

Mauritius is a typical fisherman’s paradise where fish gaming has been one of the major activities for centuries. You can experience that now on most of the pristine beaches. Swim with sharks, tunas, cods and many other fish species and you can even hunt them with official permission.  Car rental is ideal for transporting fishing equipment from one place to another.

The Grand Baie area is one of the most popular adventure sports areas in Mauritius and is in close proximity to the Plaine Magnien. Here, you have several possibilities such as surfing, sailing, gliding, scooter-boating, fishing, snorkelling, diving and swimming. The excellent restaurants in Mauritius offer delectable cuisine as well and car hire means that you can try out different restaurants in different parts of the island.

Just when you thought Mauritius and Plaine Magnien were all about the sun and the sand, you get to see the towering mountain ranges in the island. Not superbly tall like the Rocky or the Tuscan Ranges, but they offer you scenic locales and plenty of opportunities for hiking around. The Yemen National Park is a mammoth forest enclave where you can go on an animal safari and view the exotic flora and fauna on the island.

Tamarin is yet another untouched beach in Mauritius and within a few miles from the Plaine Magnien.  Here you might get to watch dolphins in the water. You can go on boat trips and ferries to catch a glimpse of the dolphins at sea and these trips are popular with all the family.  Mauritius features underwater submarine trips to famous ship-wrecks where you can explore the coral reefs and be in close contact with fishes and other aquamarine animals in the ocean. You can also hire your own scooter boat and go underwater for up to 5 meters after being briefed about the controls.

Mauritius offers many more such delights and these attractions are simply, the tip of the iceberg. With our unique car rental services at hand, you can visit Mauritius any time and tour around in style at an affordable price.

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