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Malawi Tour and Car Rental Guide

This is a landlocked nation in the southeast region of Africa. Malawi was previously known as Nyasaland and covers an area of approximately 118,000km2 and an estimated population of about 13,900,000.The biggest city in this country is Lilongwe, which is also its capital.

Why should I go to Malawi?

  • This country is the most peaceful nation in the southeast part of Africa
  • This country has numerous sights for you to behold
  • Likoma Island’s beaches are just spectacular for tourists and were actually ranked top 25 best
  • The festival of the Lake of stars was rated among the top ten pop festivals of the world. Hence you need to experience this
  • The accommodation in this country is amazing and very affordable

What is the best time to travel to Malawi?

The most convenient time to visit this country is during the hot season which sets in from May to November. From the months of May-July, the landscape is generally beautiful due to the green vegetation. The best time for wildlife viewing is during October and November.  During this time, temperatures are very high.

What are the must see places in Malawi?

  • Lake Malawi

This is one of the most valued attractions of this country. The lake is a good place for fishing, windsurfing or sailing. It is also home to a huge variety of fish. This lake lies at the center of rolling hills and plateaus in the highland region.

  • Nyika National Park

This national park is found in the north part of Malawi and the major feature remains the exceptional rolling grassland that covers the entire Nyika Plateau. Here, you will also find natural forests where you can find different species of birds even the rare species. You also get to see beautiful butterflies and also various types of flowers. 

  • Nkhotakota

Nkhotakota is known as the oldest market town in Africa and it used to be a slave trade market for many years. This is very popular among tourists who come to this country.

  • Cape Maclear

This bay is found on the south lakeshore. Visitors come to this place to enjoy great sports such as snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking and diving. The bay is surrounded by Chitimba and Chintheche villages.

Car rental and Public Transport options in Malawi

This country offers various means of transportation that you can use to tour Malawi. You can use boda bodas which is a common means of transportation for locals in this country. The boda-bodas are found in trading centers and small towns.

One can also travel using taxis. Taxis are available in various cities in the country. Buses are also another option to move from one destination to another in Malawi. Buses are the most common means of transportation of travelling around cities between towns and also on main routes in Malawi.

Car rental is another means of transportation that you can use in Malawi. It is very hard to get car rental services outside the cities of Lilongwe and Blantyre. Car rental in Malawi helps you to explore the different places in this country without the worry of missing the bus. There are several car rental companies in Lilongwe such as ‘The best car hire’ that offer affordable car hire services. There are also car rental companies in Blantyre such as that offer cheap car hire services.

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