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Lesotho Tour and Car Hire Guide

This country is in the southern part of Africa. It is a landlocked country boarded by South Africa and it has an estimated population of about 2,067,000 and an area of 30,000km2.This country has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions. Lesotho, popularly known as “mountain Kingdom in the Sky”, offers exceptional vocational places for family as well as couples.

Why should I visit Lesotho?

  • You can visit the Sani &endash
  • An Exceptional trekking to remote areas
  • You get the chance to visit the stunning Maluti and Drakensburg Mountain Ranges
  • You get to see the great Katse Dam which is the source of the Watershed in South Africa
  • You get to take part in the annual Roof of Africa Rally &endash

What do I need to enter Lesotho?

In order to enter Lesotho, you must have a passport valid for at least six months. If you are British citizen, you can get a visa once you arrive in Lesotho. Remember, you can be held in detention if you exceed your stay in this country and so you better go by what your passport indicates.

How do I get into Lesotho?

You can come in to the country by plane. The South African Air link air has 3 flights daily from Johannesburg International Airport to Moshoeshoe International airport. You can use these flights on Mondays through to Fridays. There are also 3 flights on Sundays and two on Saturdays.

You can also access Lesotho by road but for the neighboring states. The country has seen so many tourists come into the country by road. You can enter Lesotho from the South Africa through Fourteen border control posts. Since some of the terrains in this country are rough, a four-wheeled drive vehicle is recommended for these areas.

What is the best time to visit Lesotho?

Lesotho has favorable temperatures in winter and summer. Winter in this country normally occurs between the month of May to September and summers are experienced between Octobers to April. During winter, it is very cold since the temperatures are really low and hottest months are January and February.

The summer season is quite comfortable for the visitors. Therefore, the best time to visit Lesotho is during summer.

What transport options are there in Lesotho?

Public Transport

Since this country is landlocked, there are no harbors or seaports, so the main modes of transport are road and railway. In Lesotho, you will find only one railway line known as Maseru branch line. The railway connects Maseru and Bloemfontein-Bethlehem line.

Car Hire

When here, you can make use car rental services. Car rental is the best and most convenient mode of transport in Lesotho. With car rental in Lesotho, you are free to explore the great attractions at your own pace. Before renting a car, you need to look at the rental directory that gives you the details about the present car rental rates. Car hire agencies in this country offer different models to tourists and at reasonable rates. If you are on a budget, you can as well get cheap car hire companies from agencies like Budget, Avis and many others.

What is there to see in Lesotho?

There is quite a lot to see in Lesotho from national parks to great mountains and wildlife. Some of the national parks in Lesotho include Tse’hlanyane National Park, Sehlabathebe National park and many others.

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