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Jeju Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Jeju Airport

Jeju Airport Car RentalJeju Airport car rental

Jeju Island was formerly known as Cheju Island and can be found off the coast of South Korea.  The capital is a city of the same name.  The island is known as the ‘Island of the Gods’ and it is a popular holiday destination for both locals and international tourists. There is plenty to see and do and getting around the island is so much easier for those who opt for car rental.

Make the most of car hire to take a trip to Manjanggul Lava-tube.  This is a cave measuring 7 km although only a 1 km section is open to the public.  This is an unusual attraction as the cave has been created by streams of lava running through it.  This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the ideal place to visit for those who want to find out more about the natural history of the island.

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site is Seongsan Ilchubong.  This is an ‘almost’ island which has a volcano.  Tourists can walk almost to the top of the volcano and there are plenty of beautiful attractions along the way.  Alternatively there is the botanical garden of Hallim Park.  The park is home to two caves and a total of 16 different garden sections as well as a folk village which is a great place to walk around.

Have a family day out at Iho Beach.  This beach is unique in that it has two different types of sand and this is a great place to do a bit of diving.  There is also Seopjikoji which is a cape and it is popular with tourists from Korea who come to see where one of their favourite TV programs was created.

There are a number of folk villages on Jeju Island and one of these is Seongeup Folklore Village.  This is an authentic village and there are people living there, so it is not simply a tourist attraction.  It is a great place to find out more about the local culture.  A guide is really needed as few of the locals speak English.

Enjoying all the attractions is easy for those who have chosen Jeju car rental.  The island is easy to get around and as the attractions are spread around it can save a great deal of time on waiting for public transport.  Car rental has the added bonus of being comfortable and convenient and it only takes a few minutes to book, so the vehicle is waiting for you on arrival.

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Jeju Airport car rental reviewJeju Airport car rental reviewJeju Airport car rental reviewJeju Airport car rental review


Difficult To Communicate

I had bad experience the 1st day i supposed to pickup the car at airport. somehow my booking is not recognise by the agent and i have to wait quite a while before the matter get sorted out. same thing as well when i reached to the car collection time. its a bit of embarrassment as it look like i didnt book and pay for the car. i printed the voucher and presented to them but somehow they couldnt find it their system.

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Jeju Airport car rental reviewJeju Airport car rental reviewJeju Airport car rental reviewJeju Airport car rental review


Car condition is perfect, and the staffs are very helpful