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Rome Leonardo Da Vinci Airport Car Rental | Rent a car Rome Leonardo Da Vinci Airport

Rome Leonardo Da Vinci Airport Car RentalRome, known as the Eternal city, occupies prime importance in the history of human civilizations. The numerous theories doing the rounds about its very existence vouch for the fact. It is easy to understand why Rome is the perfect holiday spot with its huge Cathedrals, millennium-old palaces and excavation sites. Discover Rome in its entire splendour with our super car rental services.

Constructed in the early 125 AD’s and listed in the Seven Wonders of the World, The Pantheon is an amazingly maintained monument that is the most popular one in all of Rome. It is a tall and imposing structure with a little hole in the ceiling which makes for a fun time when it drizzles in town. Our car hire services will show you around the entire expanse of Old Rome at very affordable prices.

Moving to the Northwest, you can enter the Vatican City after crossing the Tiber River. Brace yourself for a wonderful experience as you see the Castel Sant Agnelo, built for the Emperor Hadrian in the early 1200s standing tall. The fortified corridor meant to protect the Pope from trouble, is an exciting place to be, with beautiful views and scenic pathways.

St. Peters’ Basilica needs no introduction, being the largest and the most affluent churches in the world. The exteriors and the gardens are imposing and transport you back to life long ago. The interiors are designed to sway your heart. From fine arts and paintings to the weird designs and electric candles, the church is a mélange of the ancient Rome and its modern counterpart.

There are more than 900 churches in Rome and most of them are beautifully constructed. With our wonderful car hire services, you can safely expect to cover most of them while exploring this amazing city. The myth says Rome was all but seven hills until Remus and Romulus gave it the skyline we see today. These hills are prominent camping spots and picnic areas and they offer scenic views. Notable amongst the hills are the Palatine Hill and the Aventine Hill for the monuments and the picturesque locales they boast of.

The Capitoline Museum is the one of the most popular ones amongst the rest of them in Rome thanks to its brilliant portrayal of the ancient Greek and Roman civilization and paintings. The gardens around the museum are a delight in themselves.

Trust our car rentals to escort you through Rome and make the most of your stay here.

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