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New Delhi Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in New Delhi Airport

New Delhi Airport Car RentalNew Delhi international airport

The New Delhi international airport is known as Indira Gandhi International Airport. It is the main airport of the capital of India. It is located on the South West of New Delhi city centre. It is a public airport. The airport has recorded over 35 million passengers over the last few years.

Where to stay

From the exhaustion of travelling you will need to rest. There are several hotels that offer the best services to their guests in New Delhi and even better, they are close to the airport. However, the distances vary with the closest hotel being 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) away. Considering the distances the hotels will be quite convenient as you will hardly come across any traffic. Some of these hotels are;

  • Hotel International Inn
  • Hotel Metro Tower
  • Airport Hotel R K Delhi
  • Regenta Hotel and Convention Centre
  • Lohmod Hotel
Places to visit

Aside from hotels there are also tourist destinations that you might find interesting. New Delhi will offer you a variety of destinations that you can visit just like any other city in the world. Some of the attractions are relatively close to the airport. However, most of them are further away. Below is a list of some of the attractions;

  • India Gate; it serves a memorial for the soldiers who died while fighting in World War II. The names of the soldiers are inscribed on the memorial. It is a popular meeting place for both the young and the old. It is made popular by the well maintained lawns.
  • Red Fort; it is the 7th and last fort to be built in the city of New Delhi. It was still standing even when the British rule fell and the Indians gained their independence.
  • Rashtrapati Bhawan; the building flows to India gate. The stretch is called the Rajpath. It is on this path that the republic day parade is held. If you love gardens during the time of spring would be the best time for you to visit this place.
  • Raj Ghat; It has grown into an important point of call especially for visiting dignitaries. Apart from Raj Ghat you should make a point of visiting the other two museums that are dedicated to Gandhi.
  • Bahai Temple; it is shaped like lotus. It is an attractive building and is definitely worth your time to go exploring its beauty. It was built by the Baha’I community of India. It is made attractive by its architectural design.
Transport services

After you have landed at the airport you will require the services of a transport company to get you to the various places of interest or the hotels. The transport services range from taxi services, bus services, train services and also car hire services. However, the best transport service would be that of a rental car company. Car rental companies are available from the airport. The rental car companies will offer you the best deals. Hiring a car is the best idea in that is saves you the trouble and hustle of running around looking for a bus or taxi. It is best that you arrange for your car for hire well in advance.

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