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Djibouti Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in Djibouti Airport

Djibouti Airport Guides

Situated in Djibouti city, the airport serves over 182,000 passengers annually. At the airport you will find civil and military aircrafts. It has flights to international destinations like Paris, Amman, Dubai, Aden, and Istanbul among others. From the airport you can connect to various destinations in the sub-Saharan region. Although the airport is a bit small, you will find connections to top tourist destinations. You can book flights to the Great Rift Valley and the Indian Ocean coast.

What kind of facilities can I find at the airport?

The airport has one terminal from where you will find all the crucial facilities. You will find tour operator services, car hire and hotel offices. Complete your last minute shopping at the Djibouti airport stores for unique gift items, photos, magazines, newspapers and accessories. You will also find quality joints with restaurants for your snacks and beverages. It is advisable that you try some of the city’s delicacies including the dairy, meat and grain dishes featuring the Djiboutian nomadic culture. The airport has clean restrooms and a comfortable lounge. The airport has tight security with x-ray screening for its passengers and cargo.

What language is spoken at the Djibouti airport?

Arabic is its cultural language and it is popular in informal settings. French is the official business language around the airport and in Djibouti.

Weather patterns at the airport

The Djibouti airport in the horn of Africa is in an arid climate. Its temperatures can get to as high as 47°C. Warm months are from December to July.

Affordable car hire transport from the airport

Passengers arriving in Djibouti airport have access to shuttle buses, taxis and car hire services. Often, tourists on holiday prefer to hire a car for long-term use since it is affordable. For the most reliable rental car service, check within the airport terminal offices. You will find rates for renting a car daily, weekly, hourly and monthly.

What places can you tour from Djibouti airport?

The Djibouti city is the largest city, and is found along the Indian Ocean Coast. From the city, you can easily get to Yemen, Kenya, and northern Africa attractions. If you prefer to pick up some keep sakes from the region, take a tour to its Central Market for a variety of items including foods, clothing, arts, crafts, jewelry, perfumes and spices. The Hamoudi Mosque and the presidential Palace are landmark sites in this region. You can enjoy your holiday at the Djibouti beach resorts too. One of the memorable sites to visit is the cultural Arabic town of Tadjoura.

What kind of hotels are near the airport?

While you will not find a hotel at the airport you can access hotels in the city and its environs by ground transport facilities. Some of the top hotels for your accommodation include:

  • Hotel la Siesta
  • Sheraton Djibouti
  • Djibouti Palace Kempinski

You can make reservations for the hotels for efficient travel. There are hotels at the beach and at inland areas. As you compare the rates, find hotels near some of the city attractions. You will find units facing the ocean, and landmark sites.

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