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Copenhagen International Airport was first known as Kastrup Airport. It is known as Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup.  It is also abbreviated as CPH. It is one of the largest and oldest International airports in the whole of Europe. It serves the whole of Copenhagen in Denmark. The airport was opened in 1925. It serves both domestic and international airlines and is located 8 kilometres (5 miles) south of Copenhagen city centre. The airport does not only handle passenger flights but also handles cargo flights at the same time. 

Where to stay while in Copenhagen

Seeing as you will be in Copenhagen, you will need a place to stay and at the same time relax from all the traveling and the day’s activities. There are many kinds of hotels within the city of Copenhagen that are near the airport. Some of the best eight hotels are;

  • Quality Hotel Airport Dan
  • Copenhagen Go Hotel
  • Copenhagen Airport Hotel
  • Cottage Farm
  • Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel
  • Hotel Bel Air Copenhagen
  • Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers
  • Park Inn Radisson Copenhagen Airport

Some of the above hotels are tourist attractions by themselves, and what makes them attractions is that they were built long before the airport was in use.

Places to visit while in Copenhagen

During your stay in Copenhagen you might find the need to tour the country. There quite a number of sites to see. Below are some of the best tourist destinations.

  • The National Museum; it is rich in a collection of classical antiques, coin and medal collections and also a toy museum and you will also have the opportunity of visiting a Victorian apartment that has not been changed since the year 1890.
  • The Round Tower; it is the oldest observatory in Europe. It has been a place where people go to observe the stars over the years.
  • The Little Mermaid; it is a statue from 1913. It was a gift to the city which was donated by Brewer Carl Jacobsen.
  • Rosenborg Castle; it is home to some of the greatest treasures of Denmark. The treasures include the Crown Jewels and the Danish Crown Regalia in the basement.
  • The Stroget; it is one of Copenhagen’s streets which is rich in shops which vary from the budget friendly shops to the most expensive branded shops.
How to get to the various places in Copenhagen

While at the airport you will need some sort of transportation services. The city has a vast selection of transport systems. The various kinds of transportation means vary from trains, taxis, buses or even walking to the different places. However, there are also cars for hire which are a convenient mode of transport that is also pocket friendly, and less cumbersome. There are different car rental companies in the city of Copenhagen itself. They are also available at the airport. The car rental companies have their offices situated within the airport thus making it easier for you to access them. The car rental companies provide their services round the clock for 24 hours- 7 days a week. Make sure you have the requisite documents before you approach a car rental agency. More often than not, you’ll just need your driver’s licence to hire a car.

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