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La Paz El Alto Airport Car Rental | Car Hire in La Paz El Alto Airport

La Paz El Alto Airport Car RentalEl Alto Airport

El Alto International Airport is located to the South West of La Paz, Bolivia. It is in the city of El Alto. The airport was modernised in the year 1960 and has been in operation since then. The airport is both an international as well as a military airport. Statistics have shown that the airport received over 800,000 passengers in the year of 2006.

Where to stay

While in La Paz, you will find the need to relax at one of its hotels especially after your flight. The hotels are located in different areas of La Paz but are available at fairly reasonable distances from the airport. It will, however, depend on your hotel preference. The various hotels in La Paz are listed below.

There are those located within three miles away from the airport.

  • Hotel Boutique El Consulado
  • Panamerican

There are other hotels within 4 miles from the airport.

  • Radisson Plaza Hotel La Paz
  • Hotel A La Maison
  • Hotel Europa La Paz
Places to visit

Seeing as you will be in the city, you may find time to tour the city. There are various attractions that might be of interest to you especially if you are a nature lover. La Paz and its surroundings are rich in scenery as there are mountains, plateaus, tropical forests as well as valleys.

  • The area also boasts a number of lush sandy beaches. Some of the beaches include; El Tesoro, Tecolote, Coromuel and Pichilingue which make for great places to sun bathe.
  • The capital city of La Paz is a touristic destination as it is a place where you can view great colonial architecture and museums. There are also markets that would be of interest to you.
  • Lake Titicaca although located on the border of Bolivia and Peru is one of the natural attractions. It is rich in some islands that are also touristic attractions. It is the largest lake in the whole of the Americas.
  • Bolivia Salt Flats; it is a large plain of flat land that is most enjoyable during the rainy season. The reason for this is that you can make reflections of what you want as the land will be slightly covered with water.
  • The death road; it is ideal for bike trekking. It got its name since it was known to be the most dangerous road in the country as over 200 people used to die by the end of every year. However, the road was rebuilt and is now safer.
Transport Services

After your plane has landed you will need transport services. The services that are available vary from bus services and taxi services. However, there is one ideal mode of transportation; that is the services of a car rental company. Renting a car is the best option as you will easily find the rental car company at the airport. If they are not available at the airport, the agency will arrange for a car to be delivered. The rental car companies in Knoxville will have a varied choice of cars to pick from and at different prices. The rental cars companies will give offer you the best prices. However, it is always best to make arrangements with the rental car company well in advance.

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