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Vienna Car Rental | Rent a car Vienna

Vienna Car RentalVienna is known to be the largest city, capital and a huge political, financial and economic haven of Austria. However, the Viennese history and civilization goes back thousands of years. Therein lies Vienna’s charm as a national and world heritage site with its marvellous architectural splendours coupled with modern iron and steel constructions to give an edgy blend of cultures. Indeed, a tour around downtown Vienna using our car rental services can make you fall in love with the city’s undeniable charm. The main place to rent a car is at Vienna International Airport

Places to visit in Vienna

The Belvedere Palace was home to the France Archduke Francis Ferdinand, whose assassination by the Serbian nationalists triggered World War I. Considered a landmark in Vienna, this beautiful charming building has been completely built in lavish baroque style prevalent in those times, which suddenly gave away to modern paintings and arts. The frescoes, rococo motifs and the Arabesque designs in both the interior and the exterior form an important highlight of the Belvedere Palace. Our car hire services take you around many such palaces and mansions, including the Beethoven’s mansion in Vienna.

The Hundertwasserhaus is viewed by millions of tourists from car windows, bus windows and the roadside.  It is not open to the public but it is worth a look.  This residential apartment was designed made by the eco-friendly designer Friedensreich Hundertwasserhaus and consists of a unique structure with plants and shrubbery thrown in at oblique angles to the buildings. Predominantly coloured in black and white patches, there are traces of red, blue, yellow in places whereas the green natural colour comes from the plants adorning the structure.

Car rental in Vienna

Our car rental services can take you to the lesser known attractions in Vienna along with the popular ones, such as the Demel Bakery, known for its beautiful pastries, cakes and bread varieties. The strawberry cake with real strawberry filling and the sour chocolate pastry are a must for visitors as are several other confectionary items you can try of here.

Other intresting sights in Vienna

Nestled in the hilltops surrounding the Vienna, the Gloriette is a regal mansion site built to serve as a recreation centre for guests of the nobility when they visited the palaces and strode into the countryside for game hunting. This place, apart from offering you fantastic views of the Vienna skyline and the pastoral surroundings nearby, is now also a camping and picnic site and has cafes and restaurants offering delectable local cuisine. Use car hire to take the family along to enjoy its charms.

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and Vienna car rental services are easily arranged so that the vehicle is ready when  you arrive.

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